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The result of efforts by the Kala Point “Fire Hydrant Committee” were featured in the Peninsula Daily News

After being alerted by Geoff Genther to the PUD’s negligence in testing and maintaining fire hydrants, I created, with the KPOA Board’s approval, an ad hoc committee to bring pressure on the PUD. That committee—Geoff Genther, Howie Hendrickson, Bill Kaune, Barry Birch, and Michael Machette—were successful in getting the PUD to test, maintain, and even update hose connectors on our hydrants. We are the first neighborhood under the PUD’s auspices to receive this vital attention and we owe each of the committee members our thanks. Click here to view the article– Reproduced with Permission.


Bluff Management Advisory Committee (BMAC) 2017 Case Reports

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KPOA Architectural Committee Proposed APP Revisions

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