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4/25/16 The Kala Heights Paving Project Will Begin Thursday, April 27th

The upcoming paving project will affect all Kala Heights and Seaview Court members. Due to the layout of this area, the road work might impede access your residence.

You will have the ability to enter and leave your residence during the pulverizing of the asphalt and re-grading of the street, as well as the scheduled ditch work nearest the drain field area. However, when the asphalt paving begins, you will experience VERY LONG DELAYS preventing you from leaving or entering your residence.

Please coordinate your schedule around this project to avoid delays.

The overall project will be conducted in three phases:

1. Install a 495 lineal feet French Drainage system that will run parallel with the Common Drain Field. This will prevent water from undermining the sub-grade of the road.
2. Pulverize 26,320 square feet of old asphalt then compact and re-grade it prior to the asphalt overlay.
3. Paving will begin, creating long delays throughout the day.

The project schedule is as follows:
April 27-28 Ditch work will be performed.
May 2-6 Pulverizing the asphalt and grading will begin.
May 5-6 Asphalt paving may begin depending on the timing of the grading portion of the project.

If the grading project portion is not complete by this time expect paving to begin on May 9-10.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Please contact Keith Larson, General Manager, if you have any questions at 360-385-0814 or gm_larson@kalapoint.org.


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