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The Board Working Session to accept comments on the Tree Committee APP’s has been set for 2:30pm following the Regular Board Meeting on February 14, 2017.



The Jefferson County PUD is looking for citizens interested in serving on their Citizens Advisory Board (CAB). As you know, the PUD provides both water and electrical service to Kala Point. The PUD purchased the electrical system in East Jefferson County on April 1, 2013 and has encountered a substantial number of growing pains, but has now overcome many of them. They formed the Citizens Advisory Board at the same time, and it has been involved in advising the three PUD Commissioners regarding many of these problems including low-income assistance, conservation, development of and the analysis of the results of a community survey, upgrading the metering system, and treatment of noxious (nonnative) vegetation growing on their right of ways.

I volunteered for this board 3½ years ago, and have found my time on it rewarding and worthwhile. My term is now complete, and there is an opening on the CAB. I strongly recommend this as a volunteer activity: The three elected PUD Commissioners pay considerable attention to the recommendations of the CAB. Please feel free to call me (379-3908) for further information. To apply, send a letter explaining why you are interested in serving on the Board and any related experience and, perhaps, a resume to the Board of Commissioners, Jefferson County Public Utility District, 310 Four Corners Road, Port Townsend WA 98368. Letter of application must be received by the PUD by January 27.

Bill Kaune



Member-Submitted Resolutions must be completed and submitted to the Board by February 17th, twenty calendar weeks prior to the Annual Membership Meeting (Must use forms shown in Exhibits A-1 and A-2). For complete information see APP IX-2, Elections Committee Procedures #13 (Procedures for all member-submitted resolutions).

Contact the Elections Committee to find out more.


The draft revisions from the Tree Committee that were submitted to the Board on 12/13/2016 can be view under Members/Committees/Tree Committee. Members must be registered and logged in to view the Documents.

All written comments will be accepted by the Board of Directors until February 13, 2017 with the added opportunity of presenting verbal comments at a special Board working session to be held sometime from mid-February to early March. The date for the working session will be determined at the January Board meeting. The Board anticipates taking action on the APPs at the March Board meeting.



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