Last Updated: 12/28/2020 (Jefferson County update)

Covid-19 Cases in Jefferson County

Since 11/23 Jefferson County has seen our confirmed cases increase from 148 to 218. A 32% increase. Some good news is that our two-week Case Rate dropped from 157 to 63 which is a 60% decline. We continue to see cases split evenly between the sexes. By Age, we can see that 60-69 year-olds are still being infected the most, but that is not surprising given the average age of our population. Location wise, Port Townsend still has the most cases but that is also not surprising given it’s a significant population center in the county.

Note on Reporting

The Jefferson County Situation Reports have moved to bi-weekly reporting every Monday and Thursday instead of daily.

Here is the latest situation report from the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management

Joseph Worrall

Kala Point Webmaster, EPC Zone 10 Block Captain

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