Governing Documents


Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Record (CC&Rs)
amended 7/8/18

Bylaws amended 7/8/18

Articles of Incorporation

Rules & Regulations amended 7/1/18

Kala Terrace CC&R’s


Administrative Policy and Procedures (APPs)

Table of Contents (updated 4/09/19)

APP Article I (Compliance & Appeals)

APP Article II (Board of Directors, Officers & Appointments) updated 4/09/19

APP Article III (Architectural Committee Table of Contents) updated 01/09/19

APP Article III (New Home Construction & Modifications to Existing Homes) updated 01/08/19

APP Article III-1 (New Home Construction) updated 01/08/19

APP Article III-2 (Modifications to Existing Homes) updated 01/08/19

APP Article III-3 (Architectural Committee Administration) updated 12/11/18

APP Article IV (Internal Control Committee) updated 6/12/18

APP Article V (Communications Committee)

APP Article VI (Emergency Preparedness Committee) updated 5/8/18

APP Article VII (Finance Committee) updated 6/12/18

APP Article VIII (Grounds Committee) updated 4/09/19

APP Article IX (Elections Committee)
(Updated 4/10/18)

APP Article X (Personnel Committee)
(Updated 12/12/17)

APP Article XI (Social Plus Committee) updated 10/09/18

APP Article XII (Tree Committee) updated 8/14/18

APP Article XIII (Publications Committee) updated 3/12/19

APP Article XV (Bluff Management Advisory Committee) updated 3/12/19


Washington State

Homeowners Association Act – RCW 64.38

Nonprofit Corporation Act – RCW 24.03