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Animal lovers, this one’s for you! Sara Penhallegon, director and founder of Center Valley Animal Rescue, will give a presentation on Animal Rescue, Care and Rehabilitation this coming Thursday, February 20th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Clubhouse. Sara will share some fascinating stories about CVAR’s experience with large and small animal rescue, and advise us on emergency preparedness for our pets. Doors open at 6pm; dessert/light refreshments served. For more information contact Pattie Horvath, 360 385-4458.

The Elections Committee cordially invites you to a “Meet Kala Point” gathering on Sunday, February 23rd, from 4pm to 6pm in the Clubhouse. It’s an opportunity, especially for newer residents of Kala Point, to socialize, learn how our community works (our governance, Board, and various committees), and find out ways you can get engaged and make a difference with your time and talents.

We live in a great place, and it’s no secret that volunteers help keep it that way. We hope you’ll join us on Feb. 23rd!

Please RSVP by contacting Mike Burk at mike@mikeburk.com.

Please sign up for KALA POINT ALERT, a free service that allows you to receive emergency alerts by text message.  These emergency alerts could be related to specific hazards that require action be taken such as evacuation, shelter in place, boil water, etc., or other urgent emergency information directly affecting Kala Point.

Please click on the (blue) link directly below to register for Kala Point Alert


Next Board Meeting – February 11, 2020, 1:00 PM at the Clubhouse

The Kala Point community is a common-interest residential homeowners association (HOA). By purchasing or building within Kala Point homeowners agree to follow the HOA’s governing documents, which include Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions of Record (CC&Rs), Rules and Regulations, By-Laws and detailed Administrative Policies and Procedures (APPs). APPs are board-enacted rules. The protective umbrella of these governing documents works in the best interest of all homeowners ensuring higher standards of neighborhood appearance and enhancing the collective value of the homes.