Welcome to Kala Point

September 21, 2018

As a result of the July 2018 ballot vote, The KPOA Membership approved the following changes to the association’s CC&Rs. These changes have been incorporated into the CC&Rs, effective July 2018.

PARKING OF CARS: (Two resolutions affect separate CC&Rs): (1) “Resolved that parking of vehicles on private property shall be on driveways or approved hard-surface extensions and not in the setbacks.” (2) “Resolved that no vehicles shall be stored or parked within setbacks on any lot except on approved driveways.”

Vehicles may be stored or parked ONLY on an approved driveway or an approved hard-surface extension. The Architectural Committee approves driveways and extensions. Further, no vehicle may be parked/stored in the setbacks.

FIREWOOD STORAGE: “Resolved that firewood stored on the exterior of any lot shall be cut and neatly stacked at the rear portion of the lot. If covered, the cover shall be dark in color and neatly attached.”

Firewood must be stacked and stored at the rear of the property so it is not visible from the street or by the neighboring properties. In instances where the property is open to two or more streets, the wood must be neatly stacked in a location so that it is as unobtrusive to the street or the neighbors as possible. If covered, the tarp or cover must be in a dark color and neatly attached.

30-DAY MINIMUM RENTAL: “Resolved that no dwelling on any lot, exclusive of TSUs, shall be rented or leased for a term of less than 30-days.”

A minimum 30-day rent/lease restricts the use of homes in Kala Point from being used as short-term rentals with consequent frequent turnover of occupants. The community at large has a right to restrict such activity that can change the nature of an individual property and affect the value of other properties.


The Kala Point community is a common-interest residential homeowners association (HOA). By purchasing or building within Kala Point homeowners agree to follow the HOA’s governing documents, which include Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions of Record (CC&Rs), Rules and Regulations, By-Laws and detailed Administrative Policies and Procedures (APPs). APPs are board-enacted rules. The protective umbrella of these governing documents works in the best interest of all homeowners ensuring higher standards of neighborhood appearance and enhancing the collective value of the homes.